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Jason Steffes. Keith Eisenschenk.

With AMZ Labels software, they’ve created a way for you to save tons of labor cutting out and affixing Amazon shipping labels and FNSKU barcode labels to your Amazon FBA shipments.

Simply drag and drop the Amazon shipping label, and it converts into 4”x6” Amazon and UPS shipping labels for you to quickly and easily print onto thermal labels. This also works for your FNSKU barcode labels, making printing a snap and not wasting any of your labels. Plus, because it’s cloud based, you can access the software from any computer, any browser and from anywhere you have an internet connection and printer!

Once you use AMZ Labels, you won’t be able to imagine life without it.

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At the beginning, Jason and Keith resold retail products the old fashioned way – listing the items on Amazon, Ebay and other sites, taking orders, packing them up directly and shipping them to customers. In the days before FBA they also dealt with customer service, returns and product exchanges.


2012 – AMZ Labels Begins

Once they were selling enough volume, Jason and Keith made the decision to sell through FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). This alleviated their time spent packing and shipping every sale. Through FBA, they were able to grow their business until they were sending 50+ boxes full of product per day to Amazon. Now, that’s still a lot of labeling and shipping, especially when they had to print Amazon shipment labels on paper, cut them out and then tape them onto every box. That’s when the idea for AMZ Labels was born.

Over the course of a few months, they worked to develop software which would allow them to convert an Amazon shipment label (which is made to print on a standard 8-½x11 sheet of paper) into two 4”x6” labels which fit perfectly into a label printer.



Now, they’ve decided to make the AMZ Labels software available in the cloud, so anyone can convert Amazon shipment labels into 4”x6” labels, which print beautifully through a thermal printer onto shipping labels.

In 2017, they were able to add functionality to their converter, allowing you to save even more time and money by converting your FNSKU product barcode labels into a single line which can be printed on a thermal printer! This means no more wasting labels because Amazon always lines them up at the top left leaving blank labels at the end.


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