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AMZ Labels software is for Fullfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers who ship their inventory in bulk to Amazon. Learn more about our FBA label service here!

The AMZ Labels software is for Fullfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers who ship their inventory in bulk to Amazon. Amazon then ships out orders and handles customer service. The program converts the Amazon shipment labels file into a new 4”×6” printer-friendly file. It can also convert the FNSKU barcode labels from the 30-UP format to a label printer-friendly format.
As an FBA seller, we needed this tool to lower our own labor hours and decided to offer it to others as well. Printing shipping labels converted through our online software will save you a lot of time which you can spend growing your business.
A thermal printer and compatible labels.
  • Shipping labels will require a 4x6 thermal printer, i.e. the Dymo 4XL (our favorite).
  • Barcode labels will print on a smaller format printer such as the Dymo 400. You can also use a 4”x6” printer using the correct label type, such as Dymo high-capacity address labels.
$4.95 per month. Compare this to the total time spent in a month cutting and taping shipping labels, the loss of labels on a 30-UP sheet when you print fewer than 30 or other services which charge four times as much as our cloud service.
Yes. The carrier’s shipping label and the FBA shipping label will be converted into a 4”x6” format, perfect for a thermal label printer, while the FNSKU barcode labels will be converted from the 30-UP style to a single row for a thermal label printer.
No. The label converter is completely in the cloud. You can access your account from anywhere in the world, using any computer and any browser.
No. The converter doesn’t need access to your Amazon account.
Very easy.  Simply drag and drop your file to be converted, open the converted file and print.
Head over to our “How It Works” page for step-by-step instructions. Still having trouble? Contact us anytime.
You need to have the correct “paper size” entered in your printer settings. For example, a Dymo 30252 address label is formatted differently than a Dymo 1785353 address label. One is 1⅛”x3½” (loaded vertically) and the other is 3½”x1⅛” (loaded horizontally). Make sure the correct label type is entered into your “paper size” in the printer settings.
We have tested the conversion capacity of the software up to a 100-box shipment (200 shipping labels).
You need to drag the entire .zip folder into the converter. The converter will unzip it for you and then convert the file, so you can continue the process normally.
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