AMZ Labels Now Supports 2 Formats of LTL Label Files from Amazon FBA.

Amazon supplies 2 different download choices for LTL labels.  You can either choose (3-1/3″ X 4″ US Letter) which is 1-label per page, or you can select (Plain Paper) which is up to 6-labels per page. We originally supported only
Video - Using AMZ Labels

Video: Using AMZ Labels

Here is a quick video walk-through of AMZ Labels. Both the Amazon FBA barcodes and the FBA inbound shipping labels are being transformed into new .pdf files that you can print from your favorite thermal printer. You can use our
Comparing Amazon Label Converters

Comparison Of Amazon Labels Converters

  Amazon labels aren’t easy to print or attach to your packages. They print out on 8-½”x11” standard printer paper – which needs to be cut out and manually taped onto your package – or on 30-UP label paper –
Preparing for Amazon Prime Day

Preparing For Prime Day With AMZ Labels

  Amazon Prime Day is coming up soon! As a professional seller, you should be prepared for extra sales, whether you’re chosen for special offers by Amazon or not. Here are a few things you should know about Prime Day