AMZ Labels Now Supports 2 Formats of LTL Label Files from Amazon FBA.

Amazon supplies 2 different download choices for LTL labels.  You can either choose (3-1/3″ X 4″ US Letter) which is 1-label per page, or you can select (Plain Paper) which is up to 6-labels per page.

We originally supported only the 6-label per page format; however, we discovered sellers that were shipping to the UK did not have access to this format.  By adding support for the (Plain Paper)/1-label per page download, more users should be able to take advantage of the LTL Label Transformer.

Either file can now be transformed into a new PDF which can be printed directly to your favorite 4X6 Thermal Printer, saving you time and money.



Comparison Of Amazon Labels Converters


Amazon labels aren’t easy to print or attach to your packages. They print out on 8-½”x11” standard printer paper – which needs to be cut out and manually taped onto your package – or on 30-UP label paper – which makes it difficult to reuse that paper for more labels.

To solve this, there are a few different solutions available out there. Let’s compare two companies which have found a way to automatically convert PDF Amazon labels into the correct size for thermal label printers.



Free Trial






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AMZ Labels

All Browsers


$4.95/Month Unlimited

Various Printing Sizes

No Installation

US-based Online Support

FNSKU Barcode/Shipping Labels

Thermal Printer

Does Not Interact With Amazon Account

Closest Competitor

Google Chrome Only


Multiple Prices

Various Printing Sizes

Crome Extention Installation

Online Support

FNSKU Barcode/Shipping Labels

Thermal Printer

Does Interact With Amazon Account


AMZ Labels

With AMZ Labels software, they’ve created a way for you to save tons of labor cutting out and affixing Amazon shipping labels to your FBA shipments, and save money by not wasting 30-UP labels, without having to input your Amazon information. After creating an account on the website, simply drag and drop the Amazon labels you’ve downloaded and it converts into thermal printer-friendly Amazon and UPS shipping labels and FNSKU barcode labels for quick and easy printing.

Plus, because it’s cloud-based, you can access the software from any computer, any browser and from anywhere you have an internet connection and printer!

Cost is $4.95/month for unlimited printing, and the first 30 days are free.

Questions? Check out the step-by-step How It Works page or visit the FAQ. Then, sign up and get your first 30 days free.

Closest Competitor

With this option, you’ll need to use the Google Chrome browser anytime you’re planning to print your Amazon labels. You’ll need to download a Chrome extension to your browser and keep it up-to-date in order to use it properly. The extension will automatically open the registration page when you install it for the first time, where you create your account to activate the extension, which needs to connect directly with Amazon. It will allow you to print your Amazon labels from Seller Central.
The cost varies. The service is free for 100 FNSKU labels and 10 shipping labels/month, $5/month for 1,000 FNSKU labels and 100 shipping labels/month or $20/month for unlimited printing.
The competitor’s website doesn’t provide much information on the public side of their website regarding how the process works or how to contact them.